Artist Biography

Carole is a sculptor of highly detailed and life-like soapstone sculptures. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where she works out of her home studio/workshop. Her busy life is balanced between raising her busy family (three children), painting with oils and acrylics, drawing, working with glass and carving out her visions.


Carole’s creative skills were nurtured from a young age. As a child she accompanied her mother Françoise Brazeau Ferguson (, a successful landscape and portrait artist, on “paint-outs” and exhibitions and was thus able to develop her own creative skills. Drawing and painting came naturally to Carole. Eventually she was drawn to three dimensional art, carving in soapstone (Arctic char, alabaster, chlorite, African wonder stone, Jade, Serpentine, Black Pearl, etc). She has expanded her art to include glass mosaics on windows; the process involves cutting and gluing tiny pieces of glass onto old discarded windows to create colourful light-catching designs.  More recently in  2014, Carole took a workshop at a stain glass studio in ottawa and discoverd a new passion that bloomed into a thirst to produce small panels that play with vibrant colors and textures found in glass.  She loves to create and interprete floral land scenic landscapes through the colorful and reflective qualities of glass.  


Although self-taught, Carole has had the privilege of working alongside Kitchi Musko, a First Nations Cree sculptor. Her sculptures, influenced by the native and Inuit art of her homeland as well as by her Algonquin roots, reflect her passion and respect for the arctic wildlife. They are frequently purchased or commissioned for purchase as corporate gifts by individuals traveling abroad on business.  In addition, she has had the privilege of teaching stone carving to various groups throughout the Prescott Russell area and giving private courses in her home studio.  Now she is goal setting on mastering the intricacies of stainglass one panel at a time.